Linda Kinsman Blake Ceramacist Smailholm

My name is Linda. Growing up in London, a White Chapel arts class and a sculpture and drawing class at John Cass Art School, guided me in an artistic direction. 

After graduating from Stoke-On-Trent with a BA(Hons) in 3D Design, I moved to Scotland with my husband Rankin and together we have been creating pottery and tiles in the Scottish Borders since 1979.

Rankin has always covered the technical aspects of mixing colours and glazes and firing the pots but his creativity is manifested in his woodwork

We are delighted that our two daughters are now a part of the family business, pursuing their own artistic paths.


All raw materials are processed at the family-run studio. The clays, glazes and colours are mixed to our own recipes. The pots are once fired to 1120°C ensuring that they are hardwearing and robust.

Each piece is hand-thrown and the specially adapted tin glaze is applied directly to the dry but unfired surface. This is then decorated, a particularly exacting technique, as once the brush, loaded with colour, touches the unfired surface that unique brush stroke has to be completed. No going back, no rubbing out. For me, decorating pots in this way has naturally progressed into painting.

Tiles - I am always happy to discuss commissions for tiles. Our ceramic are robust enough to be outside as name plaques or to create unique panels for hearths, bathrooms and kitchens. You are welcome to visit me in the gallery and we can design something specially for you.

KInsman Blake Ceramic Cups Bird, Heart, Fish Designs
KInsman Blake Ceramic  Jug Fish Design
KInsman Blake Ceramic Lampbase Flowers Design
KInsman Blake Ceramic  Mugs Petal Pattern
Kinsman Blake Ceramic Fruit Bowl Black and White Design
Kinsman Blake Ceramic Fruit Bowl Geometric Design
Kinsman Blake Ceramic Hand Decorated, Hand Made Tiles, Birds and Flowers
Kinsman Blake Ceramic Fish Design, Dish, platter
Kinsman Blake Hand Made Ceramic Tile Backsplash
Kinsman Blake Ceramic The Best Things in Life, Dish, Plate
Kinsman Blake Ceramic Fruit Bowl Flowers Design