Kinsman-Blake Family Gallery & Working Studios

My name is Lillias. I am an illustrator, printmaker, graphic designer and musician living in Glasgow.

My earliest memory is opening the art cupboard and creating a colourful mess: my masterpiece! Happily - 20 years later I still find myself surrounded in paper, paint and pens in my home studio in Glasgow.

After a degree in music I went on to study at postgraduate level at London School of the Arts (LCC) where I received a 1st in Design for Visual Communication.. In 2013 I spent a month cycling in Cuba visiting screen printing studios. I love the process of screen printing and find its constraints liberating. In 2015 I cycled the south of India which was the inspiration behind the series of prints influenced by Indian folk literature and the ‘Jataka tales’.

Our newest family member - my son - has moved my creative time to the wee small hours but his vibrant character and child's view on the world feeds a hungry creative mind!

Colour, Scotland, travel, cycling, the great outdoors, raw cakes, delicious food, and childish pursuits... some interests which find their way into my work.

You can view some examples of my work below or visit my website or my etsy shop

I look forward to talking creatively with you.

monkey business.jpg
Little King Leo
Monsiur badger.jpg
bear cropped.jpg
Lifting Potatoes.jpg