My name is Lillias. I am an illustrator and printmaker.

My earliest memory is opening the art cupboard and creating a colourful mess: my masterpiece! Happily - 30 years later I am still surrounded by paper, paint and pens in my home studio in Glasgow.

After a degree in music I studied at London School of the Arts (LCC) where I received a 1st in Design for Visual Communication. LCC was formerly the London School of Printing and although it's name has changed it still has one of the best Letterpress and Screen Printing studios in the country. It was here that I spent most of my time and discovered an affinity for screen printing.


Our newest family member - my son - has moved my creative time to the wee small hours but his vibrant character and child's view on the world feeds a hungry creative mind!

Colour, Scotland, travel, cycle touring, the great outdoors, delicious food, motherhood, and childish pursuits... some interests which find their way into my work.

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Monkey Business. Bicycle Screen Print.

Screen Prints by Lillias

A Bicycle Built for Two. Giraffe ridding a Tandem Bicycle. Screen Print.

The Hare in the Moon. Indian 'Jataka' tale. Screen Print.

I'm Late for a Very Important Date. Hare on Penny Farthing Bicycle. Screen Print.

Dueling Badgers. Musical Badgers playing the Banjo and Concertina. Screen Print.

A Houseful of Friends. Indian 'Jakata' tale. Screen Print.

A Bicycle Built for Two. Bear on a Bicycle. Honey Bees. Screen Print.

The Busy Bee has no Time for Sorrow. Screen Print

Badger Mugshots Tryptic. Screen Print

Petit King Leo. Lion and Lion Cub Screen Print. Screen Print.

Jolly Badger. Pirate Badger mugshot. Screen Print.

Monsieur Badger. Breton Stripes. French Badger Mugshot. Screen Print.

A Bicycle Built for Two. Bear on a Bicycle. Honey Bees. Framed Screen Print.

The Monkey's Heart. Indian 'Jataka' tale. Screen Print.

Lifting Potatoes. The Gardening Badger. Screen Print.